Centenary University Lecture Speaker Dr. Erin M.Andersen

December 6, 2017 at 7:00pm

Centenary University Lecture Series 

Speaker:  Erin M. Andersen, PhD, Director of the Writing Collaboratory English department Centenary University

Topic"Fail Hard and Prosper: Encouraging Exploration in Spaces of Digital Writing":

Students' fear of failure colors countless elements of college writing courses, especially given current standardized testing structures that punish failure and quell any opportunities to learn from it. Using examples from the speaker's classrooms, as well as pop culture references that establish mainstream narratives of growth through failure, the speaker will offer insights into the importance of taking an untraditional approach to "success" in writing education. This interactive lecture interrogates possibilities that arise through digital composing when failure is seen as an alternative educational practice that encourages a more sustainable relationship to writing for students and future workforce members.

The House of the Good Shepherd is proud to be the Presenting Sponsor for the Centenary Speaker Series, held each month at Rutherfurd Hall. The series brings experts in their field from Centenary College to speak one Wednesday evening each month. The program is approximately one hour followed by a Q &A session and includes refreshments