Belly Barre Class

April 24, 2017 Mondays at 7 pm

NEW Belly Barre Class
5 Week Session on Mondays Starting April 24 through May 22
7:00pm to 8:00pm
$100 Fee for this 5 Week Session

lease join us for a NEW adult education offering.
Please bring a mat and wear comfortable clothes.

This innovative, creative new class combines the art of belly dance and the sculpting and
toning and ever-challenging positions of a barre class.
The intriguing and empowering movements of belly dance will challenge your mind, body
and spirit! We will be filling our session with alluring figure eights, shoulder shimmies,hip circles and so much more.
We will then power on sets of pliƩs, isolations, pelvis and abdominal exercises. We will
include small hand weights and soft balls to enhance and develop a beautiful shapely body.
Blending together the best of both activities, we will sculpt, strengthen and build posture
and flexibility. Come join us to enlighten your life, build confidence, self-esteem and
well being!

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