Ways to Help


Share Your Time and Talent

We need YOU to make it happen!

We need you, your work colleagues, church group or other organization to help us clean, paint, pull weeds and many other tasks!  How about it?   Join Us!

Want to volunteer? Contact Me!

Laurie Rapisardi


Become a Docent

Email or call us to let us know that you are interested in volunteering at the site during events or museum open hours. We are developing a guide/docent program. Help us show off Rutherfurd Hall and all it has to offer! Share our history! Interested?  If you have a couple of hours to give per week and would love being in this historic home, this may be the right fit for you.

Please contact Laurie Rapisardi


(908) 852-1894 x338

Attend Our Programs

Just by being a frequent participant at Rutherfurd Hall you can assist us in our mission. Audience attendance matters and each event increases our opportunities to attract grants and more programs. You can plan family and social events, dinner parties and children's activities around our events. The more people visit, the better our chances for receiving grant money!

You Can Help Rutherfurd Hall Move Forward

Rutherfurd Hall has a list of needed items that will help us to continue developing our program. These items are "investments" in our future that will help us reach our goals as we launch the next phase of managing our cultural center and museum.

There are many needs we are attempting to fill by seeking public and foundation grants. However, many items are difficult to secure through these sources. For that reason, we turn to you, our friends, neighbors and community members for individual gifts and donations. We hope our message resonates with you and that you will support us by donating your time, talent or treasure!

  • Large Safe  - We need a big one! The cost is about $2100
  • Portable PA System - A good quality portable PA system would run us $425 to $700
  • Display Cases and Free-Standing Bookshelves - Display cases and free-standing book shelves would be a great thing to donate! Glass to enclose the existing shelving costs $1200 and we need an additional $400 worth of display shelving to complete our museum
  • Filing Cabinets 
  • Folders  
  • Envelopes 
  • General Office Supplies 
  • Bathroom Renovation 
  • Side Porch and Patio 
  • Fireplace Restoration 
  • Dining Room Fireplace 
  • Blueprint Storage Box 
  • Furnishing/Decorative Arts Signage 
  • Hydro Energy Site Research 
  • An Intern 
  • Custom Frames 
  • Flooring