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Free Wellness Lecture

November 16th 6:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.

At Rutherfurd Hall

1686 County Road 517

Allamuchy, NJ 07820

Ending Knee pain

Learn the major causes of knee pain and knee injuries, from sports injuries to arthritis learn about common knee injuries including ACL, PCL, MCL, meniscus injuries and arthritic knee pain. Learn the mechanisms of how we walk, how we injure our knees and how to treat knee injuries from sports injuries all the way through arthritis. Discover simple at home techniques to strengthen your knee and relieve pain without shots or surgery! Learn the latest and greatest techniques to heal knee pain!

Presented by Dr James R. Fedich,
Clinic director of Village Family Clinic in Allamuchy, NJ
Dr. Fedich has served our community for over 18 years, he is a published author, speaker, podcast host and has helped thousands of your neighbors.

Donations appreciated to support programs and restoration projects at Rutherfurd Hall

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