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Celebrate the Arts Film Festival

Honoring New Jersey Filmmakers

Schedule of Events:


5 Years From Water. Documentary A dream 19 years in the making. (5:52)

Black on Maroon. Narrative A boy risks it all to save a friend. (5:00)

Airstream. Narrative. Attempt to heal a parental relationship. (13:05)

Unpopped. Animation. There’s always one (1:47)

Submergent Sound. Documentary. A musician & songwriter named Pete (4:45)

Staple. Narrative. A student takes on his classmates (2:00)

Conception. Animation. The story of a blue ball of clay (4:55)

An Experimental Experience. Experimental. A film takes a girl into the unknown (3:00)

Run Away. Animation. An inanimate object comes to life (2:51)



Extra 1104:The Rockport Train Wreck. Documentary. One of N.J.’s worst train wrecks (21:05)

Jewel’s Hunt. Documentary. Subsistence hunting in Alaska (9:02)

Postmark Vietnam. Documentary. A soldier’s letters home to his wife. ( 5:00)

Fixed Gaps Experimental. Narrative through dance illusion (20:00)



The Smile. Detective caught in a web of corruption ( 18:45)

Shell Jeff. Gas station attendant who is going nowhere (7:04)

Blink. Asian-American experience in 2020 (11:11)

The Slammer. Characters in an Atlanta prison (9:37)

Searching. 2 people find more than they’re looking for. (6:18)

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